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UbiQTrac - Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System

UbiQTrac is a powerful real-time fleet management and tracking system which uses real-time GPS signals for tracking. Our solution is built with comprehensive features and user-friendly web-based analytical reports that help reduce operating costs and enhance productivity and security. It minimizes service interruptions and helps ensure the safety and on time delivery of passengers and goods. UbiQtrac helps reduce costs by monitoring vehicle idling times and fuel usage, increase revenue by optimising routes and driver performance, improve productivity through better task assignments and elimination of unauthorised vehicle usage, and reduce down-time with on-time vehicle servicing and maintenance.

UbiQTrac web-based Fleet Management Application is a suite of web-based applications that allows updates and monitoring of the fleet repair logs, service logs, WOFs, road registrations and insurance renewal reminders to ensure that the vehicles are always in good condition and roadworthy. It comes with comprehensive features and analytical reports that enable the management to effectively plan  routes and manage its whole fleet of vehicles. Better management on the entire fleet of vehicles benefits the company in terms of increased productivity and reduced operational costs. Lost time arising from undesirable driver practices can be detected and analysed. UbiQTrac has enhanced security with driver management features to prevent off-hour or unauthorized vehicle access, tracking of speeding and other dangerous driving behaviour (sudden break or acceleration). Other unintended practices like prolonged stops or travel outside pre-set areas can also be tracked. Various reports in the form of tables and charts are useful analytical tools to assist the management in making their decisions.

Standard Features

  • Tracking of Vehicle Location
  • Harsh Braking & Acceleration
  • Engine On/Off
  • Bearing/ Direction of movement
  • Places of Interest (POI)
  • Email and SMS notification alerts for speeding and Ignition status (on/off)
  • Tow away alert SOS
  • Geo Fence Alert

Reports Available

  • Activity Report
  • Mileage & Distance Travelled Report
  • Speed Report; Fuel Analysis Report
  • Precision Mileage (95% accuracy), Top Speed
  • Excessive Idling Report; Statistical Report


  • Fuel Level Detection 
  • Immobilizer & Panic/SOS Button

Fleet Management Features

  • Driver Management
  • Vehicle Service Maintenance Management
  • Vehicle Repair Log, WOF, Registration and Insurance Renewal Reminder & Log
  • Vehicle Expenditure Report
  • Vehicle Expenditure Summary
  • Vehicle Expenditure Chart


  • Increased driver efficiency for better company productivity
  • Maximized vehicle utilization for better ROI 
  • On-time deliveries for better customer satisfaction 
  • Enhanced route planning for overall efficiency 
  • Improved driver, vehicle and cargo safety and security 
  • Reduced fleet operational cost for better margins 
  • On-the-road readiness and optimized vehicle performance

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