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Smartveillance - Video Analytic Software

Using advanced image analysis techniques, the Visual Surveillance System is able to detect and segment activity, detect, identify and track objects and events, and record information captured by surveillance cameras (and other security sensors) in real-time. Artificial intelligence is used to priorities these observations so that once correctly configured and trained, the system can automatically trigger alerts for user defined events and bring the most important security issues to the attention of security staff.

SmartVeillance is designed to identify and highlight footage that may be of interest in real time, minimising the manpower needed to monitor multiple screens. The system uses a highly scalable and robust database to store recorded video and associated high-level semantic information over large periods of time; this provides significant benefits over today’s most advanced digital video recorders.

The interface for the Visual Surveillance System has been specifically designed for security professionals. It provides access to real-time and recorded data using many innovative features that improve the process of security surveillance and response management, and readily provides the operator with all the high-level information created by the system.

As well as being used as a standalone turn-key solution, the Visual Surveillance System has been designed to integrate with existing surveillance and IT infrastructure.


  • Foreground/Background Segmentation
  • Motion Detection in user defined areas 
  • Object Tracking 
  • Automatic identification of object 
  • Face Detection Automatic detection of abnormal behaviour 
  • High speed 
  • Stationary objects 
  • Object moving in wrong direction 
  • High level analysis 
  • People/Car counting


  • Easily scalable from a single camera to hundreds of cameras. 
  • Real-time detection of abnormal behaviour based on pre-set functional configurations for each camera. 
  • Allows alarm triggers and notifications to mobile phones. Advanced image analysis during live video capture. 
  • Reduction in manpower, up to a 4:1 ratio. 

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