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GIS Technology - SuperMap

SuperMap GIS, is a full series integrated GIS platform software developed by SuperMap Software Co. Ltd.  It includes Desktop GIS, Service GIS, Component GIS and Mobile GIS platforms as well as spatial data production, processing and management tools.

Through technology innovation, market exploration and accumulative experience, SuperMap GIS has created a GIS software which has multiple aspects and strong functions that is able to meet the different requirements of a wide range of industries. SuperMap GIS is industry driven, and has today, inspired a large number of secondary development companies. In addition to China, SuperMap GIS has also become one of the most famous GIS brands in Japan. SuperMap has also established a presence in the GIS markets of Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe, India, South Africa, etc., and has been widely welcomed by the local governments and enterprises in those countries. 

The current main product series are the SuperMap 7C series of products and the SuperMap 6R series of products.  SuperMap GIS 7C is a new generation of cloud computing centric software.  It provides powerful 2D & 3D integration technology that is cross-platform and embedded in all products to provide the capability to build magnificent 3D applications.


SuperMap is Asia's largest GIS software platform provider and is dedicated to supporting its developers and end users.

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